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YORK® Residential Dealer of the Year

How Can The Ameren Program Help Me?

The Ameren Illinois Income Qualified Program is an incentive program helps low to moderate income households receive incentives to help upgrade or replace:

  • Heating & Cooling Systems (New Energy Efficient Furnaces and Air Conditioners)

  • Insulation and Air Sealing

  • Smart Thermostats

  • High Efficiency Lighting

The Ameren Illinois Program benefits are as easy as 1,2,3…

1) Ameren IL can help significantly reduce your cost for high efficient heating and cooling units. This means more money in your pocket upfront!

2) By installing new, high efficiency units, you should see savings in your energy bills. This of course is based on several other factors including how many other appliances are running in the home. But efficient units are designed to run on less energy. If you have units older than 10 years, you need to apply for this program!

3) If you qualify for both equipment and other home comfort measures like air sealing, insulation, or crawl space encapsulation, that means we can really transform your home! Once the project is done, you will notice a dramatic difference in comfort.

That means no more hot second floors during the summer, and cold floors in the winter. Insulation keeps the cold out when it’s winter, and keeps the cool air inside when its summer. Insulation is a protective barrier for your home so it is just as important as efficient furnaces and air conditioners.

Reduce your cost.

Save on your energy bills.

Get better comfort.

Read what our customers are saying:

These guys are EXPERTS on the Ameren programs.  They will explain all of the savings options that you likely didn't even know was available.  I'd highly recommend calling them and setting up an appointment.

These guys struck me not only as a good company but as good people as well. We went through Ameren Illinois to get a new furnace (ours was put in when Starsky and Hutch was new on tv) an air conditioning system and insulation.

We bought our little house in the summer of 2015. It came with only a small window a/c unit in the kitchen and very little insulation. They made everything easy and our house stays very warm and cozy now compared to last winter. The furnace don't kick on as much as it used to. The house stayed cool all summer as well. Two other family members used them for their homes as well and they were happy to recommend them to us. 

Christie S. 

Wood River, IL

Well thank God there is a program out there. We are so happy with the out come. And believe me we had some issues. We could have never afford a new heating and air conditioning unit. And take the extra work that had to be done....well that alone would have been costly. Insulation was a bonus.
The process takes patience but working on hvac issues take patience. No one bait and switched us....we had to follow the program rules. So thanks so much for your hard work and such nice people!
Oh our bill a extra 50.00 a month. But with the efficient system the power bill should be reduced and we will never see it! Thanks again!
Barb W.

I have had Energy Stars install a new air conditioner as well as insulate my home built in 1910. I enjoyed everyone who came to my home and did analysis, installed my air conditioner and insulated my home extremely well.

They helped me take advantage of an Ameren ease on energy program I especially appreciate the crew that came to install the insulation, they worked very hard and were extremely courteous and cleaned up afterward.

That is a dirty job but I heard no complaints and nothing but smiles. Thank you

Barri A.


Energy Stars completed the work in a timely and professional manner. We received many quotes, and Energy Stars offered the best products for the best price. We are customers for life!

Melissa C.

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