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Energy Stars Heating & Cooling Co is the YORK® Residential Dealer of the Year

YORK® Residential Dealer of the Year



Heating, Cooling, and Home Comfort Services for Cahokia, IL

When you live in Cahokia, IL, there is only one choice for heating, cooling, and all of your home comfort services. Energy Stars Heating & Cooling Co is proud to provide the best in HVAC for Cahokia.

We repair and install furnaces,air conditioners, heat pumps, indoor air quality measures, boilers, and mini split systems. Our team of home comfort experts will make sure when we finish your project, your home is comfortable and energy efficient.

Air Conditioning and Cooling for Cahokia, IL

We all love the summer. But when the weather warms up too much, it’s time for the A/C! Your A/C not only brings in cooler air, it also removes the humidity. Your home’s humidity is just as important to keeping you comfortable as the set temperature.

One of the factors involved in how efficient your A/C is the seasonal energy efficiency rating or SEER. Generally, the higher the SEER, the less money you will save on electricity to power the unit. The EPA minimum standard for SEER IS 13 while the upper ranges can go up to 21 SEER.

We also install units with other features designed to keep you comfortable and your energy bills low. Air conditioners with two stages have a compressor with two settings: high or low. You can use the higher setting for when it’s especially hot outside. You can use the lower setting when your house just needs a little cooling. Having two settings means your A/C will run at the right level without wasting extra energy.

A two stage air conditioner can also remove more humidity from the air which will also help with comfort.

Imagine coming home from a long day outside with your family that is perfectly cool. No more sweating in your home. Your home turning all of the fans on every five minutes because you’re hot.

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Furnaces and Heating in Cahokia, IL

Energy Stars Heating & Cooling Co provides heating installation services including:

  • Gas Furnaces

  • Heat Pumps

  • Ductless Mini Splits

Whether you’re looking to replace your old furnace or you’re interested in seeing if a heat pump or mini split system would be a good match for your home, give us a call at  618-477-8337.

YORK® gas furnaces come in a variety of models to fit your lifestyle and budget. When it’s cold outside, you need quality and dependability. YORK® furnaces are designed and engineered in the less than a day’s drive from us in Kansas and Oklahoma. That means you’re getting the best parts and industry leading testing to make sure your unit lasts for years.

Heat pumps are a great alternative to gas furnaces because they run on electric instead of gas. Despite its name, a heat pump can provide both heating and cooling for your home.

Mini split systems do not require ductwork and can heat/cool specific rooms in your house or your entire home if necessary. These systems are flexible. If your home doesn’t have any or adequate ductwork, you don’t have to worry about spending thousands of dollars to get it installed for your HVAC equipment. A mini split goes right onto the wall and will keep your comfortable.

About Cahokia, IL


Cahokia, IL is located in St. Clair County Illinois about ten minutes from downtown St. Louis.  The village’s name comes from one of the groups from the Illini confederacy.

One of the village’s main attractions is Cahokia Mounds. Although technically located in nearby Collinsville, Cahokia Mounds was home to one of the largest cities in the early world and was home to a robust trading hub.

Cahokia is home to a little over 14,000 people. Notable sites include the Cahokia Courthouse State Historic Site and was originally built in 1740. Another site of interest is the Nicholas Jarrot Mansion. This is a historic home constructed in the Federal style of the 1800s.

Energy Stars Heating & Cooling Co - #1 Heating & Air in Cahokia, IL

If you need repair or replacement, Energy Stars Heating & Cooling Co has you covered. We’re the #1 HVAC company in Cahokia because we not only do the job right, we make sure you’re saving money on your energy bills. We size your home and your current equipment  to make sure your new units are the right match for your house and budget.