Air Sealing

Professional Air Sealing Services for the Metro East Area

What is Air Sealing?

Air sealing is an easy way to save money on your energy bills, eliminate drafts, and keep your home comfortable all year long.

It is easy to not to think about how air affects your home since you can’t see it. But it makes a big impact on your heating and cooling bills along with your overall home comfort.

Energy Bills

A typical family spends about a third of its annual heating and cooling budget (roughly $350) on air that leaks into or out of the your home through extra gaps and cracks.


Air leaks are the reason why you have drafts in your home. Drafts cause extreme temperature differences in your home leaving you and your family bundled up.

Energy Stars Heating & Cooling Co brings both comfort and proven energy savings. See our customer testimonials to see how we cut their heating and cooling bills or call us at 618-477-8337 for a free Home Comfort Assessment.

Why Choose Energy Stars Heating & Cooling Co for Air Sealing?

Your main source of energy loss through air leaks is not your windows or doors. It is your attic first, then your basement second, and other areas such as windows last.


Because heat naturally rises and the average attic does not have enough insulation to keep it in your home where it belongs.

Air sealing is an important part of your home’s overall comfort. It works with insulation to keep thecomfort in your home and extreme temps outside.

Air sealing gives you lower energy bills and more comfort year round.

While you can do air sealing on your home, our team of professionally trained experts will systematically locale air leaks through testing such as a blower door test. Once we have identified the areas of improvement, we sit down with you to talk about proven ways to correct these issues.

Many heating and cooling companies don’t even think about air sealing. But Energy Stars Heating & Cooling Co is different. Our expert team takes a whole house approach when it comes to your comfort. We leave no stone unturned, and our goal is to make you happy and comfortable always.

Energy Stars Heating & Cooling Co does air sealing better than any other company because of our:

  • Full Home Comfort Assessment

  • Offering You Customized Air Sealing Packages

  • Completing Safety Testing During Your Project

If you want the best in air sealing your home, call Energy Stars Heating & Cooling Co at 618-477-8337.

Why We’re Better: Home Comfort Assessment

We are the best home insulation company to call because we perform a full Home Comfort Assessment to measure and record:

  • Home square footage

  • Window and door sizes

  • Current attic insulation levels

  • Current heating and cooling systems

  • Basement and/or crawl space area

  • Ductwork systems

  • Check for gas leaks

  • Current Ventilation

  • Attic floor

  • Exterior walls

  • Windows & doors

  • Basement or crawlspace walls & rim joists

Our Home Comfort Assessment uncovers what regular heating and cooling companies miss. With this knowledge, we don’t need to waste our time guessing like other contractors.

Why We’re Better: Air Sealing Packages

Air sealing is important because of the “stack effect” which is when outside air is pulled into your home and rises through your attic. Having your home properly sealed from the attic to your basement or crawl space greatly decreases the stack effect and gives your home more comfortable temperatures and lower energy bills.

Another benefit of air sealing is it helps protect your family from outside pollution and excess moisture that can aggravate allergies or other health issues.   

Energy Stars Heating & Cooling Co works with you to decide the points of attack for air sealing. Our air sealing packages go hand in hand with our insulation packages to give your home maximum comfort.

Most people think the majority of air loss comes from doors and windows. But most of the air escapes your home in the above, below, and all along the small cracks in your house. We find the leaks and solve your home comfort problems. Contact us or call at 618-477-8337 us to get started.

Our air sealing services include:

  • Recessed Lights

  • Attic and Crawl Space Accesses

  • Attic Floors

  • Rim Joists

  • Furnace Flue

  • Plumbing Vents

  • Exhaust Fan Vents

Why We’re Better: We Keep Your Family Safe

Before we start any project, we perform different safety tests to keep your family safe:

Blower Door Testing

Our home comfort specialists perform this test to help determine how much ventilation your home should have. Ventilation is an important part of home safety because without it, excess moisture can build up in your home. Excess moisture can cause mold in your home which can lead to coughing, runny noses, or more serious issues in people with other health issues.

Combustion Safety Testing

A combustion safety test makes sure all combustion appliances (like your furnace, water heater, and gas stove, or boiler) are working safely and not leaking gas.

Our specialized tools detect gases like carbon monoxide in parts per million so we will inform you immediately if there are gas leaks in the home. Carbon monoxide kills over 400 people a year. Since carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, it can only detected with proper equipment or a carbon monoxide detector. We carry mobile testing equipment so we can find these leaks and keep your family safe.

When you choose Energy Stars Heating & Cooling Co for air sealing, you’re going to get:

  • Lower Energy Bills

    Air sealing keeps your heat inside your home in the winter and helps keep your home cool in the summer.

  • Better Home Comfort

    Enjoy consistent temperatures no matter if you’re in your basement or your 2nd floor.

  • Improved Air Quality

    Air sealing helps prevents pollutants and excess moisture from getting inside your home.

It is time to make your house a home with our professional home comfort services. To learn more about air sealing or to schedule your appointment,  call Energy Stars Heating & Cooling Co for a Home Comfort Assessment at 618-477-8337.