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How Air Sealing Can Reduce Your Energy Costs this Summer

Are you thinking of upgrading your St. Louis, MO home? We recommend you put air sealing on top of your list. While minor leaks around windows and doors can be sealed using tubes of caulk that you can get from the local hardware stores, treating major drafts and cracks will require professional expertise for robust results.

 What is Air Sealing?

Even if your doors and windows look perfect on the outside, it can still allow air to constantly get inside through those tiny gaps and cracks. As the air enters through the unsealed building envelope, it brings with it a vast amount of pollutants that can contaminate your indoor environment.

Air sealing is the professional alignment and sealing of the boundary between the conditioned and unconditioned space. With the use of proper insulation materials and expertise, you can regulate the temperature on the different parts of your home, including moisture and indoor air quality. This significantly helps in keeping a healthy indoor space while saving energy in the long run.

Benefits of Air Sealing

Now that the summer season has finally arrived, you’ll be firing up your air conditioners in full blast to achieve optimum comfort. Enjoy a more comfortable home by scheduling an air sealing service with our professionals at Energy Stars Heating and Cooling Co.

  • Improves Comfort

Too much humidity and fluctuating temperatures in some rooms are often the results of air leakages. Since these cracks continuously allow the exchange of hot and cold air, the temperature inside will never hit the right level. By air sealing your home, you can keep the conditioned air inside until the temperature set in the thermostat is reached.

  • Lowers Utility Bills

A properly sealed home works hand in hand with a good-performing A/C unit in reducing your home’s energy consumption. The absence of leaks and cracks makes it easy for your air conditioner to cool the room. Aside from saving a vast amount of energy, it also reduces the chances of system overheating.

  • Improves Indoor Air Quality

A properly sealed home prevents the unfiltered air from contaminating your indoor environment. You can get rid of the bad smell, dust, and pollutants and make your home a safer place to live.

  • Increases Home Performance

A well-insulated home boosts your home’s performance and durability while lowering your energy bill. By sealing the leaks, you are reducing condensation issues that can harm the structural components of your home.

Enjoy these and a lot more by having a properly sealed home this summer season. For professional services, feel free to talk to our experts at Energy Stars Heating and Cooling Co. Call us!

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