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  • It is Our Promise to Make your Home as Energy Efficient as Possible

    It all began when Mike Boone decided to leave his job as sales manager of another HVAC company because he did not like the way they treated their customers or employees. He left to build his own company on the premise that treating your customers honestly and giving your loyal, hardworking employees a good wage is just good business sense and he was right. In just few years, Energy Stars has grown exponentially. It has went from just 3 employees to 20 and 1 sad pickup truck to 9 new vehicles.

    We consider Energy Stars to be a 'Home Performance Company'. What does that mean for our customers? It means that we take a whole house approach to the comfort of your home. Whether we are installing a new HVAC system or doing insulation, it is Energy Star's mission to make your home as comfortable and energy efficient as possible. How would you like to save up to 50% on your Energy Bill? Energy Stars can help you make that happen.

  • Energy Stars Heating & Cooling Office Team

  • Mike Boone


    Energy Conservation Specialist

  • Jason Orsega


    Sales Manager

  • Kathy Moran

    Finance Manager

  • Kathleen Forsyth

    Office Manager

  • Tracey Lovin

    Marketing Manager

  • Jim Harris

    Shop Manager

  • Sara Wiley


    Energy Conservation Specialist

  • Ivonne Lopez


  • Energy Stars Heating & Cooling Home Performance Team

  • Gene Hupfeld

    Home Performance Manager

  • Mary Geers

    Home Performance Audit Manager

  • Stephanie Andrasko

    Home Performance Auditor

  • Dwayne Clark

    Home Performance Assistant

  • CJ Taylor

    Home Performance Auditor

  • Zachery Duffield

    Home Performance Auditor Assistant

  • Energy Stars Heating & Cooling Service and Installation Team

  • Jeremy Schilling

    Installation Manager

  • Eric Merckling

    Lead Service Technician

  • Nathan Tomlin

    Lead Installation Technician

  • Chad Harris

    HVAC Installer

  • Lucas Jordan

    Lead Installation Technician

  • Jason Driy

    HVAC Installer

  • Fidel Salazar

    Lead Installation Technician

  • Energy Stars Heating & Cooling Insulating Team

  • Nick Ruppert

    Lead Insulation Installer

  • Brandon Kirkover

    Insulation Installer

  • Logan Ross

    Insulation Installer

  • Dylan Belcher

    Insulation Installer