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A regular check-up for your air conditioner is about as exciting as it sounds. However, this is the best way to guarantee that your A/C is ready to provide you maximum comfort throughout the summer months. We also hate seeing avoidable wear and tear on units that could have been prevented from getting a proper seasonal tune-up! If you don't think an A/C Tune-up is something you want to do, you might want to read about "Why is my house so humid?", if you're experiencing comfort issues.

Do I Really Need a Air Conditioner Tune-up?

All manufacturer brands require regular maintenance to keep your warranty in place, it is always somewhere in the fine print of the warranty. Every day we go out to people's houses and work on all brands and types of systems. We have had the ability to see thousands of units throughout the whole St. Louis Metro-East IL region. So you can imagine that we have broad knowledge of common problems that come up and have seen it all. You also might want to read our article about Summer Energy Saving Tips: Stay Cool & Save Money.

Top 5 Reasons for an Air Conditioner Tune-up


Extend the life of your A/C unit


Lower your energy costs


Maintain healthy air quality


Avoid frequent repairs and breakdowns


Guaranteed to give you peace of mind

What is an Air Conditioner Clean and Check?

Your air conditioners are similar to your car, it too needs regular tune-ups to protect it from avoidable wear and tear in addition to keeping it running at peak efficiency. You change the oil in your car regularly or it will break down, a tune-up is like this for your A/C.  Are you still wondering, "what does a air condition tune-up include?"

The Air Conditioner Tune-Up Includes:

In-home visit from a certified professional HVAC technician to clean and inspect your A/C. We can even calibrate and adjust things to improve your home cooling. Please refer to the details below of all that is included.

The air conditioner tune-up checklist:

  • Cleaning — Clear dust and debris from the outdoor condenser unit. Note: cleaning the indoor coil is not included at all. If that coil is dirty, it is rarely necessary because if the filter is being changed regularly this will not happen. We will clean the blower fan blades (if accessible) and clear out the condensate drain line. A new 1” thick air filter is also included with your cleaning (most filter sizes included).


  • Perform Inspections — We look for cracks, wear, and other signs of future potential air conditioner problems. We will also inspect the blower wheel, all other venting and termination to look for proper airflow, and will look at all electrical connections as well. If a there are any loose connections, we will tighten them. We will check the thermostat and make sure it is optimized for the cooling season.

    Dust Collected on an Indoor Coil because the system was running with no air filter for an extended period of time.


  • Testing —  We will test the voltage and amp draw on all the motors and test the capacitor(s). Check refrigerant levels (Must be above 65 degrees outside to test), and test safety controls.


  • Lubricating — Motor parts need special lubricant every couple of years or so. If they dry out, the motor can get damaged.


  • Review — Our technicians will give a thorough explanation of the condition of your existing system, make recommendations if anything else should be addressed and go over all the work that was performed at your home.
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