Commercial HVAC, Heating & Cooling Services in Illinois

We offer heating and cooling products and services for both rooftop and ground unit systems. Are you looking for a trusted professional with years of experience and certifications to service or install heating and cooling at your business or property? We offer a wide range of affordable and efficient products and services to meet your operational and comfort needs.

Energy Stars Serves the Following Industries and Organizations

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Benefits of Energy Stars Light Commercial Services and Repairs

  • Highest quality of service

  • Certified technicians

  • Trusted quality York heating and cooling products

  • Our staff is trained throughout the year locally by the manufacturer

  • Technology and tools to service all brands of systems

  • Responsive staff

  • Energy efficiency expert and certified auditors

  • Cost effective solutions

Light Commercial Services That We Provide

  • Commercial air conditioning AC maintenance

  • Commercial air conditioning AC repair

  • Commercial air conditioning AC replacement

  • Commercial furnace maintenance

  • Commercial furnace repair

  • Commercial furnace replacement

  • Commercial AC air conditioning and furnace maintenance contract outsourcing

Need a Light Commercial Air Conditioner or Furnace Replaced?


If your property or building’s air conditioner or furnace is experiencing these symptoms, it is time to call Energy Stars Heating and Cooling Co for replacement or service.

If you’re consistently having issues with your furnace or if it isn’t working at all, call us at 618-477-8337 for a free commercial efficiency assessment.

  • Air conditioner or furnace heater is over 15 years old

  • Your heating or cooling bill has gone through the roof

  • Are having frequent furnace or air condition repairs

  • Strange noises from the furnace or air conditioner

  • Uncomfortable drafts in the property or building

Energy Stars Star

Do I Really Need Maintenance?

The short answer is YES. Every heating and cooling system benefits from annual maintenance. Professional, regular service by Energy Stars Heating & Cooling Co ensures your equipment runs at maximum efficiency. Our technicians don’t stop there. We perform necessary cleaning, checking, and find problems before they lead to more expensive breakdowns.

LX Series AC

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Maintenance on your air conditioning unit is essential for its performance, longevity, and home comfort.

Regular cleaning and maintenance saves you money and extends the life of your unit. Our AC maintenance plan protects your system from the normal wear and tear.

Are you noticing small leaks from your AC? Does it run almost constantly? These can be symptoms of a larger issue. For example, an air conditioner coil covered in dirt could be the reason why your AC is always running. The condenser coil has a very important job in your air conditioning unit; it expels heat outside of your home.

When dirt, mud, and grass get caked onto the condenser coil, the heat gets trapped inside and can’t be released.

You should have our licensed service technician perform a system check up every year that includes cleaning the condenser coil. A clean system does not have to work as hard to keep your business cool. This gives you lower energy bills, less breakdowns, and longer system life.

Your proactive approach will help eliminate surprise breakdowns, extra service calls, and even early replacement that could have been prevented with the right maintenance. Most cooling systems are designed to operate for 10 to 15 years, however a neglected system will fail sooner.

With our air conditioning maintenance plan, you get professional inspection, cleaning, and a safety check to keep your system running smoothly.


Gas Furnace Maintenance

Keeping your gas furnace maintained is not only important for your workplace comfort but it is also important for your employee's safety. Gas furnaces are a reliable heating option, but as with any gas appliance, responsible care is necessary.

If a furnace has been neglected for too long, it could potentially leak carbon monoxide. Our gas furnace maintenance plan includes checking your equipment for safety and performance.

Our maintenance plan gives you dependable comfort all winter long.

Have you noticed strange noises from your furnace or does it have a hard time keeping your business' temperature consistent? These are the signs your furnace needs to be examined by a pro. Don’t wait until your workplace doesn’t have heat in the middle of the winter. Be proactive and sign up for our Maintenance Plan to avoid unexpected, expensive breakdowns.

Like an average AC, a normal furnace lifespan is 10 to 15 years. However this can be cut short if the right maintenance isn’t done. Your HVAC equipment is like your car. You wouldn’t expect your car to safely get you from point A to point B without regular oil changes and tune ups.

The right maintenance keeps you warm and safe all winter long at a fair price.

YORK LX Heat Pump for Homeowners

Heat Pump + Electric Air Handler Maintenance

A heat pump and electric air handler is smart way to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Modern heat pumps are an efficient way to keep your building or property warm, but they still need regular maintenance once a season.

The difference between the energy consumption of a well-maintained heat pump and a severely neglected one ranges from 10% to 25%, according to the U.S Department of Energy.

With our maintenance plan, you are taking a very important step in prolonging your system’s life. Our technician will examine your heat pump according to the manufacturer’s instructions as well as inspect the filter, blower, and indoor coil for dirt. We will also verify air flow, refrigerant charge,  as well as blower speed. We look at the overall controls making sure heating is disabled when the thermostat is set to cooling and vice versa.

This worthwhile plan is perfect for the business owner that values comfort and peace of mind.

Maintenance Membership Benefits

Our maintenance service plan is simple. There are no hidden costs or unnecessary inspections. We give you peace of mind that your system is in good shape, energy efficiency, and safe.

Benefits of our Maintenance Plan Include:

  • Lower energy bills:

Your system might be running, but it might not be running at peak efficiency. A neglected system loses capacity to keep your business comfortable. If your unit has to work harder to give you the same results, expect higher energy bills. Unless you call Energy Stars Heating & Cooling Co. Our regular maintenance helps your equipment running at peak efficiency.

  • Fewer repairs:

With regular maintenance, our technicians can spot minor problems before they become major issues. Our regular maintenance catches common issues. Do you hear a strange sound or notice funny odors coming from your furnace? While many business owners have these problems, it doesn’t mean you should have to work with them. Let us contain the small problems during our maintenance to keep your workplace comfortable. By preventing future repairs, annual maintenance will pays for itself.

  • Lower chance of a catastrophic breakdown:

Everyone wants a breakdown free heating and cooling system. Having your system break down in the burning hot summer is miserable. No heat in the winter is dangerous. Our maintenance plan greatly diminishes the chance of breakdown

  • Longer equipment life:

Air conditioners, furnaces and heat pumps function best when they’re regularly serviced and cleaned. One bad part can cause a domino effect that causes the entire system to break down. By following the manufacturer's instructions on maintenance, you can add years of life to your system.

  • Safer equipment operation

A neglected HVAC system is not only more expensive to operate, but it can put your employees in danger. For example, if a furnace develops a crack, carbon monoxide gas can escape and leak into the workplace. An electric HVAC system can short circuit and can create a fire hazard. Our maintenance plan includes safety checks on all equipment to find dangerous issues.

We want to be your light commercial heating, cooling, and insulation company for life.

Call Energy Stars Heating & Cooling at 618-477-8337 or contact us to get started.